Jim Young


Founding Member, Education Law, Public Purchasing Law, Public Finance, Construction Law, Contract Law, Sixteenth Section Issues, Commercial Law, Ad Valorem tax matters

Mr. Jim Young is a founding member of The Excellence Group. He has spent over three decades practicing law, primarily for the benefit of Mississippi public schools. Jim, with the help of his colleagues, have helped more than two-thirds of Mississippi public school districts construct and repair school facilities, purchase buses and make other capital improvements though public finance options, such as bonds, notes and leases. Jim has represented more Mississippi school districts on school bond elections than any other practicing attorney. Jim especially enjoys working with school districts to help them finance projects and accomplish their goals through unique and creative alternatives.

Jim is also licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission as a Series 50 municipal advisor, which enhances his ability to work with school districts in analyzing their options for issuing bonds, notes and leases to finance projects. Jim also has extensive experience in helping schools on construction, business, ad valorem tax and 16th Section matters.

Over the years, Jim has also worked on a pro bono basis to create opportunities for Mississippi school districts, through drafting beneficial school legislation, assisting with the development of a distance learning physics project, assisting school districts with school consolidation matters and assisting various state-wide school associations. Jim is also a regular presenter at school conferences and school training sessions.





B.A.  Mississippi State University

J.D. Georgetown University Law Center

Brunini, Grantham, Grower & Hewes – Capital Partner

Adams & Reese – Capital Partner

Young Law Group – Owner

Member of the American and Mississippi State Bar Associations

Member of the Mississippi Council of School Board Attorneys

Member of the National Association of Bond Lawyers