Special Education Services

The Excellence Group, LLC consultants are educational experts with proven performance who can help school districts strengthen their special education programs and close the gap for students with disabilities.

Every school district has been challenged with compliance issues associated with increasing school accreditation levels while still serving students with special needs. We are pleased to offer a variety of services designed to assist districts in reaching accreditation goals while, at the same time, facilitating what is best for students with special needs.

  • Training on New Requirements for Educational Benefit
  • Alternate Assessment Training and Assistance with Evidence Collection
  • Appropriate Scheduling of Special Education Services
  • Assistance with Budgeting
  • Autism Training
  • Functional behavioral Assessment (FBA) and Implementation
  • IEP Reviews
  • IEP Training
  • Implementation of and Compliance With the Correct Action Plans
  • Inclusion Training
  • Increasing Rigor in Daily Instruction in Special Education Classrooms
  • LRE Issues
  • MSIS Data Evaluation for Assessment Issues and Accreditation
  • Setting Up Model Classrooms for Autistic Students and Modeling of Best Practices
  • Teacher Coaching and Mentoring for Special Education Teachers – Particularly those working with SCD students participating in Alternate Assessments
  • Para Professional Training for the Special Education Classroom