Technology Services

The Technology Services team at the Excellence Group stands ready to assist districts with whatever technology needs they have.


The Technology Services Team at the Excellence Group stands ready to assist districts with whatever technology needs they have. Here are a few of the services we offer:

  1. Survey the current state of technology in the district:
    1. Bandwidth to the internet
    2. Internal connectivity
    3. Number and condition of student computers
    4. Current OS on computers
    5. Availability of tech support
  2. Provide Training for new technology coordinators
  3. Provide assistance in acquiring adequate bandwidth necessary to fully implement MS-CCRS
  4. Provide technology training specific to the individual needs of the district:
    1. Teacher needs – technology used for instruction and data management
    2. Administrator needs – data management for student achievement, dropouts, SPED, and other AYP requirements
    3. Student needs – ISTE standards by grade
  5. Assist with the screening and evaluation of applicants for technology positions
  6. Assist with long – term technology planning:
    1. Vision of technology progression – where do you want to be? Where do you have to be?
    2. Funding sources
    3. Student achievement data analysis to determine needs based on strengths and weaknesses
    4. Evaluation of all software and the impact being made through use or lack of use in the district:
      1. Cause and effect analysis of software
      2. Cause and effect analysis of teacher use of software
      3. Training needed for teachers and staff to be technology literate with programs available
      4. Determine needs for appropriate technology and software for instruction
  7. Provide hands on assistance with technology coordinator duties as necessary
  8. Other technical assistance as requested by the district


The Excellence Group is proud to partner with LearnSafe. LearnSafe at your school means school administrators will have actionable data that addresses at-risk behavior on school computers, be able to protect vulnerable students, and ensure a culture of digital responsibility. Visit for more information.